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Announcement of the Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting

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24 June 2024, As previously published in the Newsletter Issue 065, the Management Committee Members are very pleased to announce that the Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting will be held on 15th November 2024 at 11:00 am; in Elite World Hotel in Istanbul-Turkey, in conjunction with the regional workshop on Oil Spill Preparedness and Response: Commitment and Synergy.

The Management Committee Members are due to be renewed for 2024/2026 according to MOIG Constitution and Rules, as part of the renewal process, all members are encouraged and invited to serve on the Management Committee.

MOIG has achieved a lot through the current Management Committee and would like to continue with the same enthusiasm shown during the last mandate.

The existing Management Committee has helped steer the MOIG to the position is today, whilst we thank and fully appreciate the efforts of the existing Management Committee.

It is imperative that MOIG will utilize the experience and expertise available within its members to nominate suitable individuals to replace the existing Management Committee.

It is important to remind that the Management Committee role is to facilitate communications with and between the MOIG members and technical partners and garner support for MOIG activities and other collaborative activities related to oil spill prevention, preparedness and response.

We would like to bring members kind attention that any appointment within the Management Committee of MOIG requires participation at conference calls and meetings of the Management Committee and General Assembly, review of MOIG Business Plans, this is estimated five to six days per year work commitment. Indeed, the MOIG Director will be in charge to: 

  1. Propose to the Management Committee the overall programme of MOIG activities
  2. Prepare an annually Business Plans including the MOIG activities and expenditure
  3. Prepare the brochures, flyers and newsletters
  4. Update the website
  5. Keep the Management Committee informed as to the investment of the unexpended portion of the members subscriptions
  6. Prepare the agendas and the Minutes of the Management Committee and General Assembly Meetings
  7. Prepare the technical and logistical arrangements of MOIG events and other affairs 

We would like to draw associate members and technical partners kind attention that they are entitled to attend the Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting with privileges accorded to regular members, except the voting right.

In this regards, we cordially invite regular members to attend the GAM to present their nomination to the Management Committee or nominate another member that they may feel can affectively support the Management of MOIG.

MOIG shall prepare a document summarizing the report and accounts which will be circulated to attendees during the Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting. The agenda of the meeting will be sent in due course.

The Management Committee Members is looking forward to active participation of members and technical partners in order to ensure the success of this important event.