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Forthcoming MOIG General Assembly Meeting

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As previously announced on 02th April 2018, we are coming up to MOIG General Assembly Meeting that will be held on 07th November 2018; from 18:00 to 19:30; in Elite World hotel in Istanbul-Turkey just after the Regional Workshop on Building an Effective National and Regional Preparedness and Response Capacity.
During this meeting, MOIG will present the report and accounts and the proposed activities 2019-2020. in addition, an election will be held for the renewal of the Management Committee and decide about the date and location of the next General Assembly.
The Management Committee Members are due to be renewed for 2018/2020 according to MOIG Constitution and Rules, as part of the renewal process all members are encouraged and invited to serve on the Management Committee.
MOIG is committed to the continual enhancement and support of member’s individual and collective oil spill preparedness and response capacity in the Mediterranean region. MOIG has achieved a lot through the current Management Committee and would like to continue with the same enthusiasm shown during 2015-2018.
It is imperative that MOIG utilizes the experience and expertise available within its members to nominate suitable individuals to replace the existing Management Committee. It is also important to remind all members that the Management Committee role is to facilitate communications with and between the MOIG members and technical partners.
The activity of the MOIG is such that a person with a relevant background and experience would be best suited for nomination on the next Management Committee. In this regards, we cordially invite you to attend the General Assembly to present your nomination to the new Management Committee.
MOIG shall prepare a document summarizing the report and accounts which will be circulated to attendees during the General Assembly. The agenda of the meeting will be sent in due course.