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Regional Workshop on Waste Management and Wastewater Treatment

in MOIG Events

09-10 May 2023, the regional workshop on Waste Management and Wastewater Treatment was held at The Russelior Hotel in South Hammamet-Tunisia in cooperation with Lamor Corporation.

The workshop was animated by Petri Vansen, Director, Material and recycling technologies and Mika Pusstinen; Business Development Manager - Middle East and Africa from Lamor Corporation.

The event gathered 30 delegates from MOIG members, relevant Tunisian stakeholders, waste processing company and engineering firm such as: AMAL, ANPE, ANGED, APO, EAM, ENI Tunisia, ETAP, OMMP, SEREPT, TOPIC S.A, TRAPSA and TPS.

The main objectives of this regional workshop were to present environmental solutions, best practices and new technologies for waste management and material recycling as well as to learn about industrial water treatment and various process chemicals.

The workshop programme included sessions hinged around the following topics: Marpol wastes, waste technology, wastewater treatment and underground water treatment.

In addition, a series of videos were presented illustrating case studies and projects on solid wastes and water treatment performed by Lamor Corporation in Guyana, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

The Management Committee Members would like to thank Lamor corporation representatives for the high quality topics provided to participants and greatly appreciated their professionalism and expertise, thereby contributing to the success of this event.