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Participation to Webinar on Cedre publications

in MOIG News

10 June 2024, the MOIG Director participated via electronic conferencing platform; to the webinar on Cedre publications animated by Ms. Anna ILY.

Ms. Anna ILY started by introducing Cedre as an International expert organization on accidental water pollution in the fields of research, emergency planning, test analysis of hydrocarbons and chemical products, training and information. She then presented all types of publications released by Cedre such as: Guides, editions, newsletters, educational guides and other supports. She also underlined that Cedre produced 40 operational, chemical and European projects guides since 1980. For the operational guides, she noted that Cedre holds a rich and varied collection related to response techniques and environments.

Ms. Anna ILY explained that Cedre published books on AMOCO Cadiz accident and its thirtieth anniversary to look back over its history. She also stated that Cedre edits monthly and semi-annually newsletters in both French and English languages destined to large audience looking for documentation on accidental water pollution. In addition, she underlined that Cedre produced educational tools in the forms of guides, posters and websites on accidental pollution by hydrocarbons and chemical products intended to youths aged between 12 and 18.

Regarding training, Ms. Anna ILY noted that Cedre trains each year 1400 people around the world Those people are from administrations, communities, French and foreign private enterprises. She concluded that the publications produced by Cedre are the fruits of knowledge, experiences and know-how.