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Participation to Trades Forum

in MOIG News

16 February 2023, the MOIG Director was invited by the International Campuses Elites to the Trades Forum.

The International Campuses Elites is an educational institution that operates according to the official programs from the French National education.

During this forum, the MOIG Director presented to students of intermediate and secondary school the job of engineer from a variety of different angles. He explained that the engineer job covered various specialist areas such as : civil, mechanical, computer, industrial and chemical etc. He also underlined that this job requires an innovation spirit and a teamwork skills to solve issues and lead studies and projects in an efficient and effective way; often complex in conception, implementation and achievement.

In addition, discussions were opened with students to help them identify and distinguish their profiles, therefore advice them about the most suitable disciplines to choose for their following grade levels.

This Forum was also a good opportunity to introduce briefly to students the mission, vision and activities of MOIG.

The MOIG Management Committee Members would like to thank the International Campuses Elites for its kind invitation and confidence in MOIG.