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New Member: EPE Joining MOIG

in MOIG News

21 June 2023, the Management Committee Members were very delighted to welcome Environmental Protection Engineering (EPE) SA, new member based in Piraeus-Greece joined MOIG.

Counting over 45 years in the Marine & Industrial sector, EPE Is the largest private company in the Mediterranean, offering a complete range of services and products for the protection and preservation of the marine environment.

Having successfully responded to over 2,500 incidents, EPE ranks among the global frontrunners in Oil & HNS Spill Response services. An integrated worldwide network of experienced and trained personnel, facilities and stockpiles enables EPE to provide services of superior quality to all kind of vessels, onshore and offshore facilities including oil terminals, refineries, shipyards, recycling yards, pipelines, power stations, industries, ports and marinas, in accordance with relevant legislation. Since 2007, EPE maintains a contract with European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), providing the readiness and availability of antipollution Tanker Ship “AKTEA II OSRV” based in Greece. The vessel can be mobilized to face major pollution disasters following EMSA’s instructions.

EPE has extensive experience and expertise in Port Reception Facilities and management of ship-generated waste, as damaged & distressed cargo, ship-repair waste, oil sludges and cargo residues. Hazardous and non-hazardous waste generated or collected during operations is subsequently directed to Polyeco’s fully licensed facilities for further treatment and energy recovery. Polyeco SA (www.polyeco.gr ), subsidiary of EPE, is one of the largest Hazardous Waste Management companies worldwide.

EPE has been a trusted collaborator of major oil companies in Greece, Cyprus, and the Balkans, establishing a solid partnership over the years. The company holds contracts for handling waste generated from oil extraction (on shore and offshore) and tanks cleaning and maintenance. Our expertise includes managing various waste streams such as drilling cuttings, sludges, spent catalysts, and providing soil decontamination services. Additionally, EPE possesses the necessary license to collect and export NORMS (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials).

By continuously investing in research, development and implementation of new technologies, EPE has developed innovative machinery for water treatment & environmental response services. Is a leading company in designing and production of various types of marine equipment and systems such as bilge oil water separators, sewage treatment plants, potable water related systems, sacrificial anodes, antifouling and cathodic protection systems.

EPE has earned an excellent reputation among the maritime sector, the public authorities and large private companies in the Mediterranean, for providing high quality professional services.

EPE is dedicated to upholding sustainability and safeguarding the environment. Recognizing the significance of their actions on the planet, the company actively seeks opportunities to diminish their carbon footprint. Through the adoption of energy-efficient measures within their facilities, EPE actively pursues the goal of making a constructive impact on the world.

For more information on EPE, please kindly visit the company’s website on: www.epe.gr