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Oil Spill Exercises

MOIG organizes National regional oil spill exercises in cooperation with members and technical partners. The main objectives of these exercises are to test plans, equipments and management capabilities; to improve preparedness and response to oil spill incidents, to identify challenges in executing roles and responsibilities, lessons learned and areas of improvements

The size and scope of exercises are dictated by participant members. MOIG participation in the exercises programs includes:

  1. Direct consultation with members personnel; responsible for designing, conducting, evaluating and documenting exercises
  2. Assistance in the establishment of an Exercise Steering Committee (ESC) from the MOIG members and technical partners pool of experts
  3. Development, management, conduct, evaluation and issue of approved lessons learned of the exercises
  4. Access to the lessons learned from previous exercises allowing members to focus the objectives of any intended future exercises

Below is a selection of oil spill exercises that we have been involved in the past years:

  1. Kerkennah Tier 1 exercise in cooperation with TPS and IEMS, 02-04 June 2014, Kerkennah Island-Tunisia;
  2. Ceyhan Tier 2 exercise in cooperation with NRC and BIL, 19 November 2015, Ceyhan-Turkey;
  3. Zarzis Tier 2 exercise in cooperation with IEMS, MARETAP, PA Resources, Ecumed Petroleum, OMMP Zarzis, ONPC-Mednine and SSTC, 27-28 May 2015, Zarzis-Tunisia;
  4. Bizerte Tier 2 exercise in cooperation with STIR, OMMP and ONPC Bizerte and OSRA International, 25-26 May 2016, Bizerte-Tunisia ;
  5. Zarzis Shoreline Survey and Cleanup, in cooperation with Cedre, REMPEC, ISPRA, FEPORTS, MARETAP and Ecumed Petroleum, 24 November 2016, Zarzis-Tunisia;
  6. Skhira Tier 1 exercise in cooperation with TRAPSA and Cedre, 11 October 2017, Skhira-Tunisia;
  7. Kerkennah Tier 1 exercise N°2 in cooperation with TPS, 21 September 2023, Cercina Field, Kerkennah Island -Tunisia;