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Participation in the Commissioning of STIR Oil Spill Response Equipments

in MOIG News

07 and 09 July 2021, the MOIG Director was invited by the Tunisian Refining Industries Company (STIR); MOIG member; for the commissioning of the new first Tier 1 oil spill response equipments package. STIR was founded in 1961 and its social purpose is the refining of crude oil in order to satisfy the needs of the National market in terms of oil products.

The company has a huge tank park with a capacity of one (01) Million Cubic Meters.

STIR joined MOIG in February 2015; as a regular member. MOIG maintains a solid relationship and has great memories with STIR through Bizerte Tier 2 oil spill response exercise organized in cooperation with the Merchant Marine and Port Office (OMMP) and the National Office of Civil Protection (ONPC); in the STIR jetty; on 25-26 May 2016.

The new first oil spill response equipments package acquired is New Navel brand and was composed of six (06) weir skimmers with their power packs and six (06) fastanks; each with 10 m3 capacity. The weir skimmers and power packs performance tests were completed in the wastewater treatment facility (Inspection basin) by STIR Health Security and Environment team assisted by New Naval representatives. The tests concluded that the skimmers recovery capacities were higher than 60 m3/Hour.

The assembly and filling with sea water of the fastanks were performed near the warehouse dedicated for oil spill response equipments storage.

Within the next few weeks, STIR will perform the commissioning of the second new oil spill response package composed of 1000 meters of fence oil boom, 600 meters of cylindrical float boom and sorbents products (Sorbent booms, pads/sheets and oil absorbents type Pom Pom).

Through the acquisition of these new oil spill response equipments packages, STIR will enhance its capability to respond quickly and efficiently to oil spill incidents and therefore preserve and protect the marine environment.

The MOIG Management Committee Members would like to thank STIR representatives for their warm welcome, the hospitality and kind invitation to the commissioning of its new Tier 1 oil spill response equipments package.