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Tunisian Oil and Gas Summit Webinar 2020

in MOIG News

16 December 2020, The MOIG Director was invited by the Steering Committee of Tunisian Oil Gas Summit (TOGS) to a Virtual Town Hall entitled "Ways Forward to Reshape Tunisia Energy Model Post COVID-19", via electronic conferencing platform.
This webinar was moderated by Dr. Carole Nakhle, CEO of Crystol Energy and Mr. Zied Chibani, Senior Well Engineer at PDO Oman. The agenda focused on the Support Structured & Sustainable Energy Transformation for Tunisia (2030–2040–2050). It includes a welcoming address, Celebration of 10th anniversary of TOGS Summary Video (2011–2020) and six (06) main sessions; which are the following ones:

  • Session 1 : Introduction, presented by Mr. Zied Chibani
  • Session 2 : Global Energy Perspectives, presented by Mr. Kamel Ben Naceur, CEO of NOMADIA ENERGY
  • Session 3 : Scenarios for Energy Supply and Demand at the Global Level, presented by Dr. Houda ben Jannet; General Director of the Mediterranean Energy Observatory (OME)
  • Session 4 : Current Tunisian Energy Context & Governance, presented by Mr. Rachid Ben Daly, General Director of Hydrocarbons in the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mines
  • Session 5 : Role of Civil Society, How Can it Help, presented by Mr. Hichem Mansour, CEO of Al-Hosn Energy Consulting
  • Session 6 : Top Recommendations for Defining a Sustainable Pathway for Tunisia’s Energy Sector

The event gathered many participants from all over the world and was a good opportunity to share information and expertise on several topics such as: Future and renewable energies, reference and proactive scenarios considered for the Mediterranean region, primary demand and resources, evolution of energy deficit in Tunisia, similarities of the Tunisian case with Hungary, Portugal and New Zealand countries in the field of improving energy security.

The Management Committee would like to thank TOGS Steering Committee for its kind invitation.